Join the New York Launch of the International Solidarity Campaign in Support of the Anti POSCO Peoples Struggle

“aame bheeta maati dobu nahin.”  (We will not give up our land!!”)

-- PPSS, Women’s wing member

Mark International Human Rights Day This Year By Joining the Protest to Protect Livelihoods and a Fragile Coastal Ecology that Supports over 50,000 Small Peasant, fisherfolks and Agricultural Workers in India


@ the Korean Consulate, New York City

335 E 45th St (between 1st and 2nd Ave)

Time: 4:00 -5:30 p.m.

Join us to urge the Korean Government to Intervene … 

•    The Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO) project, representing the single largest FDI (USD 12 billion), is being celebrated by the Indian government as an example of its economic success, while people affected by the proposed steel plant, mining and port in Orissa have been protesting against the project since its inception due to the adverse impact on their lives, lands, and livelihoods.  


•    More than 25,000 people will be displaced by the project, including 22,000 in the plant/port area, and conservative estimates suggest that over 50,000 people would suffer loss of livelihoods. 

•    For more than 5 years, villagers under the leadership of PPSS have blockaded themselves in protest and have ensured that not a single brick has been put in place, even in the face of systematic human rights violations, including false criminal cases.

•    A Report prepared by MZPSG Iron and Steal points to the vibrant local economy in the area and challenges the economic basis of the project. 

•    The committees set up by the Indian government have found that the project has violated the Forest Rights Act and noted that all the forest, coastal regulation and environmental, were obtained by fraudulent means. 

•    Korean civil society groups have organized press conferences in front of the POSCO office in Korea, visited the proposed project area in Orissa twice and have highly recommended a “thoroughly reconsidering of the POSCO project.”

•    More than 480 people have recently signed a petition asking the government of India to scrap the POSCO project. 

Organized by: South Asia Solidarity Initiative (SASI), New York; Mining Zone People’s Solidarity Group (MZPSG) and others 

For More Info Contact: Murli Natrajan, (973)-771-8704 Email: ,